Friday, June 9, 2017

Drone flight test at Kalapathar, Everest

A drone flight test was successfully  conducted at Kala Patthar (5600 metre) near Mt Everest in first week of June, 2017.

Drone flight in Everest

The drone is called ‘Lotus’ and its weight is under 0.5 kg. “It is a fully modular 3D printer design to allow low cost and easy maintenance for drone parts showing a high rate of failure in high altitude conditions. The drone is equipped with a thermal camera and visual First Person View camera for navigation and observation.

It took five minutes to set up the drone, ground station and transmitter. The first flight was attempted on Lotus with the flip attached to it, the drone could not achieve flight at 100% throttle.

The drones can be used in extreme environmental as well as man-made conditions. The sensor-equipped, unmanned aircraft was previously used to locate avalanche victims and assist in wildlife conservation projects in Nepal.